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Address: ILALA P. O. Box 105824, Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam
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Every woman to be able to wear Cassandra underwear at affordable price

General info
Cassandra Jewellery & Accessories is a baby sister of Cassandra lingerie. Cassandra Jewellery was born when small collections of earrings sections become part of Cassandra lingerie side business inside the lingerie shops. By then in each of our lingerie shops, there was a section of earrings for sale. Customers began to enter in our lingerie shops with the aim of only buying earrings. As Sales increased, we learnt that customers did like our choice and taste of earrings.It gave us confidence that we can start a new line called Cassandra Jewellery & AccessoriesIn February 2008, with our good expectations, we were able to open our first branch located at Shoppers Plaza (Mikocheni).Cassandra Jewellery & Accessories holds a unique position by having well priced and good quality collection of Jewelleries & Accessories.Several years passed we learnt that number of customers were increasing from different part of Dar-es-salaam city.This led us to set up a new branch.In 2012 we opened another branch in Town city Centre (Ilala district) with the aim of reaching our customers in Dar-es-salaam city.We have been learning all these years how to accessorize our customers in different sea