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How do I check if my business is already listed?

Simply search our directory. You can enter your business name into any of the directory search modules located throughout our website, or browse the service categories that are most relevant to your business. If entering your business name we recommend that you enter only part of your business name to ensure a more thorough search.

My business is already listed

Once you have located your listing in our directory:

  • Click on the "more info" link on the listing to view the full listing details.
  • Click the "Claim Business" button
  • Register using the user registration form
  • Follow the instructions to activate your registration
  • Login to your account using the details provided in yoru activation email
  • Once logged in claim your business using the "claim Business" button
  • A contextual form will appear, this form must be filled out as it is confirmation that you are the registered owner of the business or an authorised representative
  • Manage your listing and access business resources located under the "My Business" tab. Please note that the "My Business" tab is only available to registered business users.
Add my business and register
  • From the Packages and Pricing page select your preferred listing type
  • Register using the registration form
  • Follow the instructions to activate your registration
  • Login using the details provided in your activation email
  • Enter your business details on the business registration form. When entering your details please note the following:

Business categories

When selecting the category or categories relevant to your business, please ensure you click the dropdown box highlighted by a red rectangle in the picture below to display sub-categories.


Service Area

There are a number of predefined service areas which you can select from. If your business does not provide services Tanzania wide then click the dropdown box highlighted by the red rectangle and select Tanzania. If your business provides services statewide then simply select the relevant state, otherwise click the dropdown box that appears under the one highlighted in red for more options.

             Service area

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