Main Responsibilities    

-Focusing on determining and managing key accounts in order to accomplish and advance sales budgets, and maximize opportunities to make sales and build brands.
-Focusing on growing and developing existing clients, together with generating new business.-Responsible for achieving certain sales targets from direct sales routes through the process of growing and developing existing clients.-Acting as the key interface between the customer and all the relevant divisions.Writing business plans for all current and opportunity tender business.
-Actualizing crucial and overall expenses the company incurs to foster its brands and products in the relevant key accounts
-Ensuring that the appropriate products are brought to the right place and at the proper time so as not to miss the sales target needed to achieve a business plan.

Leading a team of 10 persons.
Reporting to the responsible Sales Director.
Qualifications     Marketing, Merchandising and Business Development

-Establish, develop, and maintain close business relationships at all levels with current key accounts and prospective (new) supermarkets & supermarket chains in Tanzania, take responsibility for the effective on-boarding of new customers.
-As a Team Manager, coordinate, supervise and help work groups to assimilate and work in harmony and to ensure the performance of the team members is of a high standard.
-Advise on and provide support with listings (and de-listings) of new products, based on   regular movement analysis per supermarket, and when New products are added to the company’s product portfolio.
-Monitor sales movements by conducting on a regular basis movement analysis per supermarket;
-Give a rundown of the level of competition and general market activities on a daily basis to the Sales Director.
-Organize and arrange specified records and files in order to keep track of various aspects of the Key Account sales and marketing activities.
-Prepare Shelf inspection/Merchandizing Routing and regularity, Assess and optimize existing jobs attributions, Implement weekend inspections

Order verification: On daily basis verify whether orders as required per shelf inspection have resulted in invoice; If not, feed shelf inspectors info so they can chase the order again and/or find out why order has not resulted in invoice (order not communicated, not handled by sales department, out of stocks etc);
If any, inform Shelf inspectors on timing of out of stocks.

Supervise shelf verification / Shelf inspectors’ work


Provide training to assigned customers as required(e.g product training to shelf packers, store managers, etc.)
Reporting to management.
IT Skills     Excel and Office Suite


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