DWH (Data Warehouse) System Architect
Design the architecture for all the systems that supports processes related to data warehousing, business intelligence, data mining, dashboards and segmentation.  Identify business needs and collect new requests, analyze them, generate requirements documentation and define the most appropriate solution that satisfies business needs.
1.Gathering requirements, prioritization and tracking using SCRUM methodology. 
  Deliverables: Use Cases Documents, SCRUM backlog.
2. System architecture design and generation of high level specifications for developers.
Deliverables: Technical specifications documents. Design documents including data structures. Entity Relation Model. Sequence Diagram.
3. Prepare development and delivery plans SPRINT plans
4. Present Progress Reports. Coordinate and ensure delivery.
Deliverables: Progress Reports. SCRUM backlog.
5. Create and update documentation.
Deliverables:  Technical Documents and Handbooks. User Manuals & Presentations. Testing Documents and Plans 
Experience required
Years:  5-10 years
Desirable education Area: Information Technology / Computer Sciences
Education: Bachelor / Masters Degree
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